LISKOVETS mansion house

Accommodation of 250 UAH. per day
Welcome to LISKOVETS mansion house to have unforgettable holidays in
the Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine, Transcarpathia)

Holoidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians in summer

    A good rest is a recreation, enjoyment and new experiences, body relaxation and gain strength for the future achievements. Holidays can be different: summer, winter, family or individual ... It is especially nice when you can relax in the same place at any time of the year.
LISKOVETS mansion house     The Ukrainian Carpathians is one of a few places in the world where you can relax all the year round. Almost everything is unique here: air, nature and geography. It may seem that the summer holidays in the Carpathians are not as attractive as in the winter, when you can ski or sledge down the white hills, but it is not - it is interesting to have holidays here at any time of the year. However, let’s set our choice in details on summer variante. A private mansion house Liskovets is at your services, it is a place for a family holiday in the Carpathian Mountains. The mansion is located in the valley of the mountain river Uzh, just 35 kilometers from Uzhgorod, near the village of Maly Berezny.
    This beautiful place will win you for sure with its indescribable natural beauty, because the nature of the edge so well seen in the summer when everything is green, the sun is shining clear, and pure mountain air is filled with the fragrant aromas of herbs and flowers. Holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians in the private mansion house Liskovets is a truly paradise for nature lovers and just those who are tired of the bustle and polluted ecology of the cities.
    But the place is famous not only the nature, where the mansion is. Hardworking hospitable home owners have taken care of your summer (and winter, of course) stay here was comfortable. A modern cottage with all necessary facilitiesis available for visitors at any time of the year. Children can play on the equipped playground; adults can also have fun by mountain biking, swimming and fishing in the fish-rich waters in an artificial pond and the river, and go mushroom-picking in the environmentally safe forests surrounding the mansion house.
    Inquisitive guests have the opportunity to familiarize with local culture; they can learn traditional arts such as pottery, Carpathian pysanka and watercolor painting. The hosts of Liskovets mansion house share their knowledge and skill with you happily. By the way, all that decorated the interior of the mansion inside is made by their hands. However, you can always buy any liked decoration for yourself and decorate with it your own home.
    The Private Mansion house Liskovets is a European service combined with comfort, peace and quiet of the pristine mountains and forests. These are extremely varied and interesting excursions to the wooden churches, ancient castles and protected areas. This is a great opportunity to make an active holiday in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer; you can take part in a hike in the mountains on foot, play sports, breathing with the pure mountain air. In the evening, after pleasant events of the day, together with your family yoy will be able to have rest and gain strength for the next full of adventure day!
    We will do our best to make Liskovets your best summer vacation!

Holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians in winter

    Tired of the incredible bustle of daily noise and incredible pollution of the big city? It's time to look for a place where you can sit and spend time. Nothing is more soothing and putting in order toughts and feelings as the pure mountain air, peaceful crackling wood in the fireplace and detached from civilization, or rather, from its oppressive, negative component. Holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians are what a tired person needs, a person with a family, or just someone who really understands what is a holiday.
    What a beautiful pristine, untouched by human hand nature! What a nice great view of endless mountain ranges, striking with its beauty and tranquility! Mansion house Liskovets is a fantastic opportunity to relax in the healing mountain climate at any time of the year. It is great here is a summer and especially in winter. Liskovets is located in a picturesque valley mountain of the river Uzh, and just three ski resorts are not far from it. If you want to spend your holiday in the Carpathian Mountains in the winter, you will not find a better place than this private mansion house!
    First, a few words about the mansion house itself. This is a modern cottage with all facilities and first-class service from its owners. The cottage can accommodate 8 people, and this is a great opportunity to relax by the company or a family with children. Hot water and heating, fire all the necessary utensils and appliancesare at your service all the time. The territory is have also been concerned by owners, it is under the video surveillance.
    Holidays in the Carpathians in the winter are unthinkable without skiing. The local ski resort "Novoselytsia" is just 8 miles from the mansion next to the village of the same name. Even closer there is a ski resort "Velyky Berezyi." Also the ski resort "Crasia" opens its doors hospitably for ski fans and just who wants to spend his/her time; it is just 20 km from the mansion house!
    And after such an active holiday you will want to have a rest in a warm atmosphere of our mansion, and we can help you with this. Clothes and skiing accessory can be dried in a special place. After a walking round the snow-covered expanses you can relax in our poolroom, watch a movie or visit a real nature corner! You can relax and have a rest in the sauna, and can cook excellent dishes in the kitchen.
    Always welcoming hosts of Liskovets mansion house tell you many interesting things about the region and its history and show their skills in pottery and painting. You'll be able to try and do something interesting and then show your work at home. If you like any decoration in our mansion (and they are all hand made!), it can always be purchased at more than affordable price.
    We are confident that the holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians in the winter must be such as we offer - easy fun and more comfortable!
    For more information, please, call or write. We are always glad to meet you and get acquainted with you!